Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sports stars on Twitter!

If you didn't know, Twitter is a social network set up based a bit like updating your status on Facebook. You have 140 characters to write down a status(tweet). Your 'Tweet' can be an update on what your doing, a thought, an oponion or just something random!

Now twitter has got so large it is used by a a various amount of celebs in the wide world. Some just use it to self promote whilst others use it go get their opinion out there quickly. A lot just use it to let you get an insight into their world that you wouldn't normally get. Also you get the chance to communicate with them since every tweet where you mention their name in, reaches them.

Some sports stars are now banned from twitter for comments they have put on twitter and a lot of what they tweet is now carefully thought about beforehand.

These are only a taster, there are loads more out there!!

Sports stars who have twitter are:
 michael owen
 John McGinlay
 Robin van Persie
 Samir Nasri
 Micah Richards
 Vladimir Weiss
 Kevin Pietersen
 Jack Wilshere
 Kevin Davies
 Chris Kamara
 Stuart Holden
 Rio Ferdinand
 Greg Rusedski
 James Anderson           
 Graeme Swann 
 Andy Murray


  1. This will make my stalking so much easier!

  2. hahahah great post like always
    you bro never failed to amaze me

    Check out mine and let me know what you think!
    I look forward to your contribution

  3. Thanks for the names! I love stalking on twitter... hehehe. Stalking in general, I guess. :P

  4. was loking for vladimir weiss twitter

  5. they should use 4square also so I can burglarize their homes when they are out and leave a turd on their bed!