Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Justin Bieber supports Manchester United?

I'm not sure what determines a 'celebrity' nowadays. Whether or not they have done something great with their lives and are now known because of this on a wide scale. Whether they have been on a reality tv show and got instantly likes by the odd million only to dissapear from our lives completely within a month of the reality tv show comes to an end. Or maybe they've just stared in a program you like, or made some music you like.

Whatever a celebrity is, one thing is for sure, when you find out they support the same team as you... It always makes you like them that little bit more. So today i'm gonna look at some celebrity fans and see who they support! 
Lets hope Bieber supports Manchester United cause hes gonna need all the extra loving he can get since his hair cut!

Arsenal Fans
Clive Anderson - TV presenter - Who's Line is it Anyway?
Heston Blumenthal - chef-proprietor of The Fat Duck (voted best restaurant in the world) and TV presenter
Jenson Button - F1 driver
Matt Lucas - comedian - Shooting Stars (George Dawes), Reeves & Mortimer, Little Britain

Aston Villa 
Ian Bell - England Cricketer
Ozzy Osbourne - musician, TV star

Bolton Wanderers
Vernon Kay - TV/Radio presenter
Amir Khan - Olympic boxing silver medalist
Patrick McGuinness - comedian

Sir Richard Attenborough - actor (The Great Escape, Jurassic Park), director
David Baddiel - comedian, author
Ian Bolton - Sky Sports presenter
Michael Caine - actor (Zulu, Escape to Victory, Get Carter, etc.)
Seb Coe - former athlete and politician

Manchester United
Richard Ashcroft - Verve frontman, now solo artist
Ian Brown - ex-Stone Roses frontman, singer

Tim Burgess - Charlatans frontman
Darren Campbell - athlete, has played in Sky One's The Match

Mark Chapman - Radio 1 sports reporter

Craig Charles - comedian, Red Dwarf
Elvis Costello - singer, musician
Daniel Craig - actor (Layer Cake, James Bond)
Mark Owen - singer (Take That) 
Mike Myers - comedian, actor- Waynes World, Austin Powers...

Manchester City
Alan Carr - comedian
Doves - group
Liam Gallagher - Oasis singer

Noel Gallagher - Oasis guitarist, singer, songwriter
Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff - England cricketer

Tottenham Hotspur
Emma Bunton - singer, Spice Girl
Phil Collins - musician, actor (Buster)
Bruce Forsyth - TV presenter
Jude Law - actor (The Talented Mr Ripley, AI)
Barry McGuigan - former boxer, now pundit
Status Quo - group
Shania Twain - country music singer


  1. they don't show enough games in the states for me to pick a favorite team, lol.

    we get to enjoy a rousing season of handegg instead.

  2. I think Manu fans will dislike justin bieber even more now lol. I pick Chelsea ;)

  3. Is there now a Bieber Curse in the works?

  4. like he even knows what team this is. What a douche.