Saturday, 12 March 2011

Should John Terry be Captain?

A few years ago now, John Terry was the perfect leader for England. He was a player who rose through the ranks of the England set up and made a name for himself in the Chelsea defence under Mourinho who went on to lift the league title. He wore his heart on his sleeve and the fans loved him as he wasn't afraid to get stuck in.

Then one day it comes out in the press that Terry had been accused of sleeping with the ladyfriend of Man City player at the time and England team member Wayne Bridge behind his back. It came at a somewhat coincedental time as Chelsea were due to play City in the league very soon. It begged the question would the two players shake hands like all players do before every game. To find out what happened in the hand shake saga, click here.

It was a world cup year and all hopes were at the hands of head coach Capello as this was the year the England team had so called peaked. Questions were raised as to whether a player who has cheated like this should be fit to lead our England team out at the world cup. Capello thought not and made Rio Ferdinand captain instead.

Months later, half way through the following season there is talk for John Terry to be given the captains arm band back. The tension surrounding the player has calmed down with most fans not actually caring what he does in his social life. More so concentrating on the fact that JT is a very commited player to both club and country.

Capello has hinted recently that Terry could be made England captain once again. Probably having something to do with the fact that current England Captain Rio Ferdinand is out injured 90% of the time.

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4 - John Terry lost just four of his 28 matches as England captain, winning 18 (64%). Reinstatement?


  1. England lost at the speed of light at the world cup, wouldn't really matter who the captain is :o