Friday, 11 March 2011

Ref, Right or Wrong?

Is it right to send off a player for tackling a streaker?

During a Havant & Waterlooville Vs Doncaster match earlier this month a fan appeared on the pitch wearing a Borat thong. Halting the game for seceral minutes the streaker continued to run past players with his hands raised evading stewards attempting to tackle him.

Most players stood by however one of them decided enough is enough and tackled the streaker and wrestled him to the ground until he was caught up to by the stewards. The referee saw this and reached for his pocket, took out a red card and sent the player off for violent conduct.

Well it turns out the referee is actually correct, to the letter of the law...

"He is also guilty of violent conduct if he uses excessive force or brutality against a team-mate, spectator, match official or any other person."


  1. the ref is always wrong, unless he's throwing a card on your team.

  2. hmm i think he was right here but a lot of the time they do get it wrong

  3. meh i think its a stupid law, i too would be pissed if some jerk messed up my game for no reason