Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rooneys back?

Saturday, 12 February 2011
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2010 World Cup, English hopes of getting far in the tournament lay with Wayne Rooney. Much was promised ever since he scored a wonderful goal on his debut for Everton against Arsenal. However Rooney was a shadow of his potential. Looking tired, lathargic and showing a lack of effort which made English fans question Rooneys motivation. 

Rooneys Man Utd league campaign this season started how his world cup ended, making bad touches, decisions and shooting off the target. Fast forward to November of 2010 Rooney was due to feature in the Manchester Derby but got set off to the USA for 'Rehab' where he spent a few weeks. He came back to the UK and didn't really set the league on fire with his return.

Saturday 12th Feb, the early kick off saw Rooney get his chance in the big Manchester Derby that he missed several months before playing in a 451/433 formation which often saw the striker up top on his own. Playing in this role needs a good first touch and quick decision making which Rooney really didnt show. Luckily City missed an opening chance from Silva which left United a great chance to gain the lead when Nani got put through on goal from a great Giggs first time ball. He calmly finished and the teams went off for Half Time.

The teams resumed and both teams lacked any sort of goal threats until Manchester City brought on Edin Dzeko who clearly made an impact straight away. They then soon scored a deflected shot from Dzeko that hit the back of Silva.

Now look up, watch the video of Wayne Rooneys goal from a deflected Nani cross and let me know what you think in the comments! An absolutely amazing goal which really took the breath away when it went in. A player who had looked out of touch the whole season managed to pull off a goal that took immense quality.


  1. olol this crazy rooney, one of the best goals i have seen this year

  2. really good post are you a manu fan?

  3. Iv messed the bit at the top up :(

    No im not, but the Rooney goal was the main talking point from yesterdays game

  4. Raul is much better then Rooney.

  5. What if you take the second entrance first?

  6. Rooney is the man!

    If anyone wants only important news follow me

  7. Another good goal, he's definitely back on form this year.

  8. nice goal dont think rooney can make it to world cup 2014 in brasil though

  9. Rooney is a top notch player, hope he can get back to where his was.

  10. Rooney just needs time to get back in his routine again.

  11. That was a pretty crazy goal, he needs to kick it up a notch though.

  12. As an arsenal fan, I sure hope not!

  13. Rooney with the finish!!! Goal of the month IMO