Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fifa 11 Transfer Update

So this week is Champions League week again, there were some games last night and some more tonight, including Manchester United's away trip to Marseille. Will update you tomorrow on the results and highlights :)

Just thought I'd let my followers know, especially cause I know a lot of you are into your gaming, The Fifa 11 Transfer update is going live tonight, around 5pm GMT.


I cant wait to try out Liverpool now they have a decent striker partnership, and obviously Chelsea with the new addition of Fernando Torres.


  1. don't play fifa 11 but i love the older versions, so im guessing would like this too. thanks for sharring this info :) and yeh glad chelsea won yesterday, hopefully can post highlights of that if you can find them? thanks :)

  2. man, its been a while since i last played a fifa game

  3. i root for whatever team Hargraves plays for.

  4. thanks for the link, looks good.

  5. Man, I was one the fence about getting this game, but I think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and get it. Thanks!