Sunday, 27 February 2011

England Draw against India

Now normally this headline would bore everyone, however once in a while cricket serves up a game that ends in a draw that is more thrilling than a Justin Bieber hair cut.

The football world cup that took place in the summer of last year in South Africa was largely dissapointing. The hype was built up around teams with some of the best players who have ever graced the footbal pitch. The hype dissapointed and the world cup was one of the most boring certainly iv ever seen.

Over in India at the moment the cricket world cup is taking place. The hosts, India, have great potential around their team. With great batsman Tendulkar going into the match looking for another world cup hundred.

The toss at the beginning left India going in to bat first, and the hope surrounding Tendulkar delivered and the home fans went mental as he went past the 100 mark with great speed. An average total for a One Day international match was around 300. Anything over than that would set a hard chase for the second team to come to bat. India ended their innings on 339.

England came out to bat with optamism. Captain Strauss managed a total of over 150 runs and set a great standard for his team to go on and win the game with ease. However England slipped in the middle order with no one really helping Strauss out adding to their total.

It left England needing 29 runs from the last 12 runs. This turned into needing 15 runs from the very last over. Bowlers Swann and Shahzad batted out the over and managed to get a draw out the game. This was one of the most exciting games of cricket iv seen in a long time and was a great game for English fans who could never hoped for a draw after the collapse which was suffered.

If you get chance to see some of the highlights from this game, then look out for it!


  1. Not really into cricket, but interesting post nonetheless

  2. Yeah I used to have some indian flat mates, and they were heavy into cricket.

  3. :/ ya the world cup was retardedly boring

  4. Checked the highlights, amazing game!

  5. For some reason I agree with the first comment on this post

  6. I do not understand why anyone would like cricket