Monday, 4 April 2011

Looks like its over

Sadly all evidence of Rooney swearing has been removed from youtube :(

The Premier League title race looks like its over, sadly Wayne Rooneys outbursts with the English fans doesn't.

So with only 7 games left for Manchester United before the end of the league they are now 7 points clear and although Arsenal have a game in hand it looks almost certain that United won't drop enough points for Arsenal to claw the gap back.

Saturday gave 45 minutes of hope for Arsenal fans with United going into half time 2-0 down to relegation candidates West Ham United. Two penalties gave the home side the winning margin however after the interval United manager went more attacking and Wayne Rooney got a goal back thanks to a free kick just outside the area. His second came shortly after when the England striker controlled the ball with one touch then buried the ball in to the corner of the net with his second. The comeback was turned in to a lead when United got a penalty which Rooney converted. Whilst celebrating Rooney ran over to the fans and spotted a camera, his words that were said to the camera got picked up by the Sky Sports cameras and he will now face disciplinary from the FA. United then made it 4-2 thanks to another goal by substitute Hernandez.

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