Thursday, 7 April 2011

Champions League Quarter Finals


Barcelona 5-1 Shakhtar Donetsk
Chelsea 0-1 Manchester United
Real Madrid 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur
Inter Milan 2-5 Schalke 04

Wayne Rooney scored the only goal of the game against English Rivals Chelsea and this time, he didn't stare like a mad man at the camera whilst shouting abuse.
The goal came midway through the first half when a marvelous ball got played over Boswinga and veteran welsh winger Ryan Giggs took the ball in his stride, ran to the byline and played the ball back to Wayne Rooney. Rooney sidefooted the ball towards goal which rebounded off the post and went in to the back of the net.
Chelsea striker Fernando Torres still hasn't scored for chelsea (Click here for funny site xD) yet but he did however look like a more lively Torres than he has done previously. Drogba on the other hand was dictating play and looked a lot more lively but he was substituted rather than the non goal scoring Torres. Almost as if Abramovich is telling Chelsea manager, Carlo Ancelotti to keep the £50 million rated striker on the pitch, to get his monies worth for him.
Late on in the second half Chelsea should have had a penalty when Brazillian midfielder Ramires got hacked down by last man Patrice Evra. The referee gave nothing which would have been a definate sending off for Evra, who would have then gone on to miss the second leg.

Real Madrid comfortably beat Spurs in the end which was to be expected. However spurs got a man sent off 20 minutes into the game, Peter Crouch, which really didn't help their cause. Real then went on to dominate play and have more than 30 shots on goal.

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