Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Is Scott Parker the answer?

Rewind to the world cup in the summer of 2010. England were heading out to South Africa and Capello had named his squad. When naming an injured Gareth Barry in the squad the whole of England was worrying about the defensive minded midfielder's fitness. Throughout the 2010 World Cup Qualifying campaign, Barry was instrumental in the team keeping their shape when on the back foot and no one was able to fill the gap left by Barry.

2011, Wales - England. Capello switches to a new look 433 formation, selecting West Ham's Scott Parker instead of a fit Gareth Barry in the same position. England go on to win the game 2-0 proving that the risk of formation change paid off admirably for Capello. England closed down superbly well off the ball and then had options all over the pitch for a pass. Something which they had been lacking in the old 4231 formation. Parker, this time was instrumental in the victory popping up with well timed tackles breaking down Wales' fluidity.

If England are to succeed in the latter stages of a tournament in the summer, a packed midfield is what they are going to need. This was highlighted when England got knocked out against a fluid German team who simply out passed England in the centre of the pitch.

 However if both Gerrard and Lampard are fit, it will be interested to see if Capello ditches the new 433 formation to go back to playing both of his star midfielders in the same team line up.


  1. Parker can be the perfect defensiv midfielder to cover Lampard, Gerrard and Wilshere when they go up to the attack, making them more offensive and much more dangerous. What I love most from Scottie is his tackling hability.

    He passes the ball very accurately as well, so he can also be an interesting player for the attacking tasks. He's a perfectly balanced player.

    I think Parker is one of the most interesting midfielders in the Prem and there are no reasons so as not to be on Capello's starting XI.

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  2. If Parker can produce victories, the I'd go with him. Of course it would make better sense to play both stars.